10th April 1092 - old Cathedral partially destroyed by thunderstorm

Old Sarum Cathedral reconstruction I’m aware there’s an issue with the dates here - I’ve got the Cathedral being dedicated and destroyed on the same day. It might have something to do with the adjustment in the dates of 1751. Anyway.

On 10th April 1092[1]


[1] The Catholic Encyclopaedia says

Osmund’s work was threefold: — (1) The building of the cathedral at Old Sarum, which was consecrated on 5 April, 1092. Five days afterwards a thunderstorm entirely destroyed the roof and greatly damaged the whole fabric[[1].
the Cathedral at Old Sarum was partially destroyed either by lightening strike or by a storm. Robert of Gloucester wrote:
So gret lytnynge was the vyfte yer, so that it al to nogte. The rof the Church of Salesbury it broute Rygt even the vyfte day that heghalved was[2]


By Old_Sarum_Salisbury_Cathedral_2.JPG: User:Immanuel Giel Derivative work: Bob Castle (Old_Sarum_Salisbury_Cathedral_2.JPG) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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