6th June 1944 - D-Day

The Haunch of Venison in Minster Street, Salisbury.JPG

6th June 1944 was D-day.

A lot of the planning was done at Wilton House.

The Our Wilton website says:

Much of the planning for D-Day was done at Wilton House; Southern Command stretched from Sussex to Land’s End. Communications were vital and 750 miles of telephone wire was laid in and around Wilton House, linking the centre of operations with all units in the area.

After the war, Southern Command stayed at Wilton House until 1949 when the Army purchased Fugglestone House (part of the Wilton Estate). The American Army had used Fugglestone as their Southern Command Field Base during the war. Erskine Barracks utilised the existing buildings and built extensive new office accommodation in the early 1960s.[1]

More fancifully, I have hear it said[2] that Eisenhower and Churchill discussed the landings over a beer at the Haunch of Venison!

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[1] http://www.ourwilton.org/what-we-do/our-military-history/

[2] ‘I have heard it said’ that using the passive voice in sentences like this is a way of being deliberately vague….and this is indeed the case. I can’t remember whether I read this or somebody told me.


Photo by me