7th April 1948 - Lester Piggott rides professionally for the first time - at Salisbury Races

Sculpture of Lestor Piggott who debuted at Salisbury RacecourseOn 7th April 1948 Lestor Piggott rode a horse in public for the first time. The race was at Salisbury Racecourse[1]

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The sculpture is of Lester Piggott at Haydock Park. The sculpture is by, I think, William newton. The photo is by Alexander P Kapp [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


[1] The Guardian reported under the headline ‘Long Fellow comes full circle

Back where it all began, over 20,000 rides ago, Lester Piggott was as shy and sparing with words here yesterday as the 12-year-old boy who arrived at Salisbury on April 7 1948 for his first ride in public. They had to add a stone of lead to his saddle-cloth before he could make the correct riding weight - of 6st 5lb. Barely five years later, at the age of 17, the same young boy would be winning the Derby on Never Say Die.

Yesterday Piggott returned to Salisbury for the first time since September 5 1992, when he rode two of the final winners in his British career total

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