Members Of Parliament

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MPs 1295-1660

Parliament First member Second member
1386 Thomas Burford David White
1388 (Feb) John Bitterley Thomas Burford
1388 (Sep) David White John Hethe
1390 (Jan) John Bitterley William Warmwell
1390 (Nov)
1393 John Bitterley William Warmwell
1394 John Bitterley Thomas Burford
1395 William Warmwell Richard Spencer
1397 (Jan) Richard Spencer John Moner
1397 (Sep) Richard Juel John Cary
1399 William Hulle I William Walters
1401 Richard Spencer John Levesham
1402 John Wallop William Boyton
1404 (Jan) William Waryn John Levesham
1404 (Oct) John Wallop Richard Juel
1406 William Bailey William Boyton
1407 Thomas Child John Becket
1410 William Bourer William Bailey, died 1410
1411 Richard Spencer Walter Shirley
1413 (Feb) Walter Shirley William Waryn
1413 (May) Walter Shirley William Waryn
1414 (Apr) Walter Shirley John Becket
1414 (Nov) Walter Shirley John Becket
1415 Walter Shirley Henry Man
1416 (Mar) Walter Shirley Henry Man
1416 (Oct) Walter Shirley Thomas Mason
1417 Walter Shirley William Waryn
1419 Walter Shirley William Waryn
1420 Walter Shirley Robert Poynaunt
1421 (May) Walter Shirley Robert Poynaunt
1421 (Dec) Walter Shirley Thomas Boner
1422 Henry Man
1423 William Alexander
1425 William Alexander Henry Man
1426 Henry Man
1427 William Alexander
1429 Henry Man
1431 William Alexander
1432 William Alexander
1485 William Boket Roger Holes
1510 Thomas Coke I William Webbe alias Kellowe
1512 Thomas Coke I Richard Bartholomew
1515 Thomas Coke I,
repl. Oct 1515 by
John Abarough
Richard Bartholomew,
repl. Oct 1515 by
Thomas Brodegate
1523 Robert Keilway John Abarough
1529 William Webbe II Thomas Chaffyn I
1536 William Webbe II
1539 Robert South Henry Coldston
1542 Charles Bulkeley Edward Chaffyn
1545 Thomas Gawdy I John Story
1547 Sir John Thynne Henry Clifford
1553 (Mar) George Penruddock John Beckingham
1553 (Oct) John Hooper John Abyn
1554 (Apr) Robert Griffith John Abyn
1554 (Nov) Robert Griffith John Hooper
1555 Thomas Chaffyn II John Hooper
1558 John Hooper Robert Eyre
1559 William Webbe John Webbe
1562/3 Anthony Weekes Giles Estcourt
1571 John Eyre Giles Estcourt
1572 Giles Estcourt Hugh Tucker
1584 Giles Estcourt Christopher Weekes
1586 Giles Estcourt Christopher Weekes
1588 Christopher Weekes John Bayley
1593 Giles Hutchens Robert Bower
1597 Thomas Eyre Giles Hutchens
1601 Giles Tooker John Puxton
1604 Giles Tooker Richard Godfrey
1614 Giles Tooker Roger Gauntlett
1621 Roger Gauntlett Thomas Hussey
1624 Henry Sherfield Roger Gauntlett
1625 Henry Sherfield Walter Long
1626 Henry Sherfield John Puxton
1628 Henry Sherfield Bartholemew Tookey
16291640 No Parliaments summoned
1640 (Apr) Robert Hyde Michael Oldisworth
1640 (Nov) Robert Hyde Michael Oldisworth
1645 Michael Oldisworth John Dove
1648 Michael Oldisworth John Dove
1653 Salisbury not represented in Barebones Parliament
1654 Edward Tooker William Stevens
1656 William Stone James Heeley
1659 Henry Eyre Humphry Ditton snr

MPs 1660-1885

Election 1st Member[13] 1st Party 2nd Member[13] 2nd Party
1660 Henry Eyre Edward Tooker
April 1661 Francis Swanton
November 1661 Stephen Fox
1664 Edward Hyde
1665 Richard Colman
1673 William Swanton
1679 Sir Thomas Mompesson Alexander Thistlethwayte
1681 John Wyndham
1685 Sir Stephen Fox
January 1689 Thomas Hoby Whig Giles Eyre
May 1689 Thomas Pitt
1695 Sir Thomas Mompesson
1698 Charles Fox Robert Eyre
January 1701 Sir Thomas Mompesson
July 1701 Charles Fox
1710 Robert Pitt
1713 Richard Jones
1714 Sir Stephen Fox
1715 Francis Swanton Edmund Lambert
1721 Anthony Duncombe
1722 Francis Kenton
1727 Thomas Lewis
1734 Peter Bathurst Henry Hoare
1741 Sir Jacob Bouverie Sir Edward Seymour
1747 Hon. William Bouverie Edward Poore
1754 Julines Beckford
1761 Hon. Edward Bouverie
1765 Samuel Eyre
1768 Hon. Stephen Fox
1771 Viscount Folkestone
1774 William Hussey Whig
1776 Hon. William Henry Bouverie
1802 Viscount Folkestone Whig
1813 George Purefoy-Jervoise Whig
1818 Wadham Wyndham Tory
1828 Hon. Duncombe Pleydell-Bouverie Whig
1832 William Bird Brodie Whig
1833 Hon. Duncombe Pleydell-Bouverie Whig
1835 Wadham Wyndham Conservative
May 1843 by-election Ambrose Hussey Conservative
Nov 1843 by-election John Campbell Conservative
Jan. 1847 by-election William James Chaplin Whig
Jul. 1847 Charles Baring Wall Peelite
1853 by-election Edward Pery Buckley Whig
1857 Matthew Henry Marsh Whig
1859 Liberal Liberal
1865 Edward Hamilton Liberal
1868 John Alfred Lush Liberal
1869 by-election Alfred Seymour Liberal
1874 Granville Ryder Conservative
1880 William Grenfell Liberal John Passmore Edwards Liberal
1882 by-election Coleridge Kennard Conservative
1885 representation reduced to one member by the Redistribution of Seats Act 1885

MPs since 1885

Election Member[13] Party
1885 William Grenfell Liberal
1886 Edward Hulse Conservative
1897 by-election Augustus Allhusen Conservative
1900 Walter Palmer Conservative
1906 Edward Tennant Liberal
Jan. 1910 Godfrey Locker-Lampson Conservative
1918 Hugh Morrison Conservative
1923 Hugh Moulton Liberal
1924 Hugh Morrison Conservative
1931 by-election James Despencer-Robertson Conservative
1942 by-election John Morrison Conservative
1965 by-election Michael Hamilton Conservative
1983 Robert Key Conservative
2010 John Glen Conservative